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This Trust is being run by a group of young adults who CARE.

No part of any donation received is used for administration costs. All administrative expenses are borne by committee members. Every penny that is donated reaches the children directly


Pragadeesh is the son of a fisherman.... and his dreams when he was 5 years old was to become a Doctor! He joined Gurukulam when he was 4 years old. Today - Pragadeesh is doing his 10th standard at Gurukulam. His dreams have changed over the years, but he is well on his way to becoming whatever he wants to be. And it is thanks to each and every one who supports Gurukulam, that children like Pragadeesh can dream of a future and have a chance to make it a reality. Read more about it at


1. Capt Nandkumar

Capt. Nandkumar is the Founder and the Managing Trustee of "Trust Children". An airline pilot by profession, Capt. currently works for "Tiger Airways" as Chief Pilot. Prior to this, he worked at Air India as Deputy General Manager.

Affectionately known by the moniker “Captain” by those around him, Capt. Nandkumar has dedicated his life to empowering economically underprivileged children. He founded the school Gurukulam with the belief that all children need an equal platform to succeed in life and that the right kind of education can break the cycle of poverty and prejudice. Through Gurukulam, he hopes to nurture ethical and compassionate human beings who can make a real difference in the world. Capt. Nandkumar practices Karate, Tai-Chi, and Raja Yoga and loves to sail in his spare time.

2.Sumathi Ramaswami

A homemaker by choice and has now dedicated her time to the cause of underprivileged children.


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All donations from 1st April 2007 to 31st March 2010 are eligible for deductions under 80G of IT act 1961 vide DIT(E)No(486)/04-05
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