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This Trust is being run by a group of young adults who CARE.

No part of any donation received is used for administration costs. All administrative expenses are borne by committee members. Every penny that is donated reaches the children directly


Pragadeesh is the son of a fisherman.... and his dreams when he was 5 years old was to become a Doctor! He joined Gurukulam when he was 4 years old. Today - Pragadeesh is doing his 10th standard at Gurukulam. His dreams have changed over the years, but he is well on his way to becoming whatever he wants to be. And it is thanks to each and every one who supports Gurukulam, that children like Pragadeesh can dream of a future and have a chance to make it a reality. Read more about it at

Life - Patrons:

1. Uma Shankar

Umesh is a chartered accountant by profession. Based in Singapore, he heads the fixed income and trade department at a multinational bank. Umesh is a very humble person with a caring attitude and a generous heart that makes him a natural part of the Trust children family. Over the last several years, he has consistently supported the cause of Trust children.

2. Narayan Khushalani

Narayan is a sales and marketing professional and currently works as Vice President for Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. His passion for understanding the ultimate meaning of life has lead him to his mission of bringing joy in other’s lives by guiding them to tune themselves with nature and thus lead a healthy and happy life. Mr. Khushalani is a well-known Reiki Grand Master, Pranic Healer, Psychic Healer, and a Bio-Etheric Healer, who also teaches spiritual and healing concepts. One can hear some of his teachings on his blog All donations received by him through his healing sessions and seminars are donated to Trust Children for its Gurukulam School.


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All donations from 1st April 2007 to 31st March 2010 are eligible for deductions under 80G of IT act 1961 vide DIT(E)No(486)/04-05
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